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Now Pictorial carpet !

Carpet Village is honored to present the exclusive personalize tableau portrait carpet. Every piece is done by an experienced master Weaver consisting of millions of knots to form a picture perfect portrait. Each portraits is a masterpiece on its own and makes on exclusive gift to you're your wife or husband, your family, lovely person or very important people. We produce Tableau carpets for many high-ranking officials, prime ministers and artist... . we are ready to get order to weave any of your selected photo and picture on the carpet. 



Now, We can weave on very fine hand-khnotted rug, any of your photo (Portrait or Landscape) inyour camera for make it Permanent memorial !


To More Information & Order The Your Handmade (Hand-knotted) Pictorial Carpet, Please Call 012 265 3520 (Mr. Reza)

Now Get Your Ptortait
Photo On Persian Rug !

Permanent memorial