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Before You  Buy An  Handmade   Carpet 


Maybe you just want to cover up the spots and spills on your carpet or add character to your hardwood floor. An Oriental rug may be the answer. In addition to being a great way to accent your decor, Oriental rugs have many practical benefits. They add warmth to a room, not only giving character to hard surface floors, but also creating a feeling of intimacy. Also, wool absorbs three to five times its weight in moisture, so it adds moisture to dry rooms and takes moisture from humid rooms. They can also reduce the noise level in a room.


Handmade   or  Not ?    

 We will give you inside information, things that you really do need to know, to guide you in the world of Persian ( Iranian ) rugs and carpets. If you want to buy a valuable Persian Carpet, first of all, it must be handmade. Machine-made rugs lacks originality, durability, charm and investment. other words a machine-made rug is not a real oriental rug. They are simply for covering floors. While it took at least 8 months to years for a handmade carpet to be made, it is minutes for a machine rug. Of course you can also use a Persian carpet for covering in order to feel the endless joy, appreciate in value and smell the authenticity.


In fact machine-made can cost initially less but you should also consider the investment opportunity when buying a one. For instance you may sell your carpet after years and be sure that you can make much more profit than you think, because oriental carpets especially Persian carpets and rugs gets more valuable after years just like win !


How Do You Recognize The Difference Before Buying..?

Machine-made rugs and carpets are not woven by hand but are loomed by a computer generated system or apparatus. There are no knots in Machine-made rugs. Whereas in a hand-made rug, each knot is hand knotted and tied. In machine-made carpets, threads are glued or looped onto a hot latex (plastic) backing which cools and hardens. They show a complete and rigid uniformity in manufacture which transforms into a static design


  You Should Check 3 Things:           1. Fringe       2. Edge Finishing      3. Back

1. Fringe, in Hand-Made (Hand-knotted) carpets, fringe is end of the warpstring, not sewn om, but in machine-made carpet, fringe is sewn over. (See picture )

2. Edge Finishing,  Another easy way to tell the difference is by looking at finishing used on the edges of the rug. If binding or serging is used, the rug is machine-made. Handmade rugs (knotted) are always finished on the edges by hand which looks like serging but you do not see the machine stitch tracks on the back.

3. Back,  turn it upside down and look at the back if you can not see the pattern as clearly as on the face, i am sorry the rug is not handmade. if the rug passes the first step, then you should bend it back on itself to expose the roots of the pile, at the base of the tufts if you can see rows of knots congratulations!! The rug which you are about to buy is hand-made (Hand-knotted)