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Exporter, Wholesaler and distributor of Handmad Iranian Carpet (Persian carpet), Rugs & kilim Direct from Iran.

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Carpet village have an amazing variety of Persian carpets

Carpet Village is one of the biggest and largest of hand knotted Persian carpet Gallery and warehouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than 3000 of fine city carpets (woolen carpet & silken carpet), village & tribal carpets, Kilim and Gabbeh with a lot of design, pattern and color is available in our showroom. We provide free interior design and professional Persian carpets and rugs washing and repairing.

We are worldwide wholesaler and retailer  of fine Hand-Knotted Persian rugs. since 1935, Carpet production and trading has been our family's occupation and we would like to start a good cooperation with wholesalers & retailers which interested in Persian carpets. Persian rugs, Kilims & Gabbehs have different type of designs, different sizes, qualities, and colors. In order to provide the variety, our group is active in all parts of Iran. Since we think of continual cooperation with our costumers, our contact to them is not finished by closing the sale. We would like to know their ideas about their purchase.

We provide Carpet Washing, Repairing and interior design. Over many years we've developed techniques to clean Carpets an Rugs , specifically catering to the different needs that different carpets have. we have an expert team who clean and repair the carpets according to these specifications. 


Names of the Persian carpets & rugs:

Persian Abadeh , Persian Ahar , Persian Arak , Persian Ardebil , Persian Ardestan , Persian Bakhtiar , Persian Baluch , Persian Bijar , Persian Birjand , Persian Borujerd , Persian farahan , Persian Ferdos , Persian Gonbad , Persian Gonabad , Persian Gorgan , Persian Herat , Persian heriz , Persian Isfahan , Persian Joshaghan , Persian Jozan, Persian Kashan, Persian Kashmar, Persian Kerman, Persian Lilian, Persian Mahan, Persian Mahallat , Persian Mako , Persian Maraghe , Persian Marand , Persian Mashad , Persian Mazlaghan , Persian Moshk abad, Persian Mood , Persian Nain , Persian Neishabor , Persian Rafsanjan , Persian Ravar , Persian Sarab , Persian Sarogh , Persian Shiraz , Persian Shahr Reza , Persian Qazvin , Persian Qum , Persian Tabriz , Persian Tehran , Persian Varamin , Persian Yazd , Persian Zanjan , Persian Zabul.

Persian Carpet & persian rug History ( Iranian Carpet History )

The Persian carpet & rug had a humble beginning, one of necessity,(persian carpet) a protection against the harsh elements for the nomad or tribesman. Persian carpet, the simple woven rug evolved into one of literay expression, depicting that which was important to the weaver or even to record a particular event.The beauty of the Persian rug was not lost on noblemen and kings and soon the art-form progressed to a symbol of wealth and artistic values. persian carpet, persian ru and kilim, Dating back more than 2500 years the Persians were amongst the first of the ancient civilisations to craft fine decorative rugs. The dedication and artistry put into these rugs have them the reputation of being the best the modern world has to offer. Persian rug designs vary from region to region however many of the rugs feature elements of nature or symbols of something special or sacred to the tribe that wove them. This could be inspiration from archetecture or religious artifacts, for example many of the central medallions lend their designs from the ceilings and domes of temples and mosques. Others may be of importance to the livelihood of the tribe, hunting scences or motifs symbolising fish, plants, grain and flowers.The Safavid Dynasty (1502-1736), when the art and trade of rug making was heavily encouraged, was important to the development of the Persian rug. Most rugs found in museums today come from this period.Persian rugs are described by the region in which they were woven, most cities and towns have their own distinctive design however many (such as a major carpet weaving centre like Tabriz) create a wide variety of designs.... .

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